xd engine conversion

XD Falcon Engine Conversion

A little project I have been working on lately is my XD Fairmont Ghia. The car was ‘handed down’ I suppose you would say after my grandfather passed away, well actually nobody else in the family wanted it.

Anyway, the old 4.1 crossflow and 3-speed auto just wasn’t doing it for me so I got my hands on a written off AU Falcon and set about fitting the engine and auto from it into the XD. I’ve been documenting the swap over at the XFalcon forum and if you’re interested you can see it here – AU Engine Into XD.

If you are considering a late model engine swap into an early model Falcon or simply want to get more power from your XF-onwards, EEC equipped Falcon I highly recomend getting in touch with T.I. Performance. Jason’s knowledge is second to none and as far as customer service goes nothing is too much trouble, which is a rare thing these days! Check out the product range here – T.I. Performance

xd engine conversion
yeah, it needs a wash

I haven’t been ‘on the tools’ for about six years and I certainly haven’t mucked around with the AU efi setup before so the posts are a bit ‘warts and all’ but it is coming together nicely.


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  1. Hi Craig, thanks heaps for your information on changing BA Serp/Belt, I have been putting of this job for years !! the car is eight years old and I stopped book servicing after 140k the belt finally broke after eight years ( not bad ) must be made in China ( not ) and left my wife stranded at child care …..anyway nursed the car back home 5min thank god, had to stop a few times so she wouldn’t overheat and blow her guts out, jumped on line and found your thread, I bought a the belt in the morning and fitted it in 10min, thanks to you, I will have to bleed maybe as its chattering a bit from driving without the pump running

    love the XD conversion, your right some people wouldn’t bother, I think they are good looking car, and now you have shoved a great motor in it you have the look of an XD and the power and reliability of and XF/AU, I once had a XF Gear I loved it, although build quality was down, it drove fantastic handled great and stopped on a dime.

    Craig any ideas ? I have a 1978 Transit cap/chas camper, with a single V 250ci motor which has been beautifully re built by the previous owner, I’m trying to find a way to get some more H/P out of it, it’s on Duel fuel, the only thing I can think is to run it straight gas, as I don’t think there is a lager carbie available ?

    thanks for your work

  2. Cheers for the feedback James! Glad the BA Drivebelt article came in handy for you.

    I must admit I have been a one-eyed Holden fan for many years but after doing the AU conversion to the old XD I am quickly turning to the ‘dark side’! It really is nice to drive and the AU engine has brought her to life once again.

    Regarding your Transit, to be honest I don’t have a lot of knowledge on what it takes to squeeze a bit more out of the 250’s. There is quite a few guys that are modifying them over on the forum where I posted the details of my XD build and I know they would be more than happy to share what they know. If you’re interested the forum is at http://www.xfalcon.com. There are also a couple of other Ford forums that have info on the 250 but I have found the guys at xfalcon to be the most helpful by far.

    Hope that helps!


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