VT Commodore Drivebelt Replacement – V6

Today we are looking at what is involved in replacing the drivebelt on a V6 VT Commodore. This is a nice easy job as long as you have either a 15mm spanner or 15mm socket and ratchet.

The spring-loaded belt tensioner is a little tricky to get to as the top radiator hose can get in the way but all it takes is a push down with the spanner and there will be enough slack in the belt to slide it off the waterpump pulley (we use the waterpump as the first and last pulley to remove/fit the belt as it is the largest pulley without a ‘locating groove’).

vt commodore drivebelt

vt commodore drivebelt

vt commodore drivebelt

When the belt is completely removed from the waterpump pulley you can then release the tensioner (be careful as it can spring back rather quickly!). Once the tensioner is released, remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys and get ready to fit the new belt.

I find that starting with the alternator pulley and working my way around the rest of the pulleys while leaving the waterpump till last is the easiest method. Once you have the belt in place, run your hand around all of the pulleys to ensure that the belt is positioned correctly in the grooves.

Grab your 15mm spanner or socket and push down on the tensioner and slide the belt over the waterpump pulley and release the tensioner. If there is not enough slack in the belt to be able to slide it over the waterpump pulley or the slack is not taken up by the tensioner check how you have routed the belt and the size of the new belt – for a standard VT V6 with air conditioning the belt size is 6PK2830, which will be printed somewhere on the non-grooved side.

If all looks good start the engine and double-check that the belt is running correctly. Below are the belt route diagrams for the standard (with A/C) VT 6 cylinder, VT 6 cylinder without A/C and the info for the separate belt on the supercharged engines.

commodore belt diagram

vt belt diagram

vt supercharged belt diagram

13 thoughts on “VT Commodore Drivebelt Replacement – V6

  1. As for the belt size, I purchased one from supercheap and was told that the correct size for this model is actually (6PK2825). The one you mentioned might fit too however this is the one that was recommended for me.

  2. I just replaced the serpentine belt on my VT with the 6PK2830 and it fits too. From what I have researched the 6PK2830 is 5mm longer than the 6PK2825

  3. I just purchased a “Gates” brand belt from REPCO before getting some tips on installation from this site. The belt REPCO sold me (after much deliberation with their parts listings) is a 6PK2815. Recent comments in this article suggest my belt may be 10-15mm shorter than ones recommended here. Can anyone comment on whether the 6PK2815 fits?

  4. False Alarm guys, FYI my car is actually a VX (2002) which apparently has 2 different size belts depending on which chassis (VIN) number you have. As it turns out the 6PK2815 did fit my car.

  5. changed a belt on a 2002 vx calais using this tutorial, was very easy thank you,will definitely buy you a beer.

  6. Just replaced me water pump on vt v6,but now the belt wont go back on,followed the diagram but its still short,been over it a dozen times,it ain’t gonna fit,the belt was on thr before,so I’m stumped,can anyone help?

  7. Was recommended the 6pk2825 from super cheap auto they didn’t have any in stock and sent me across the road to repco they didn’t have one either but then gave me the 6pk2830rb and said its 5mm longer should this still be alright ??

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