The Holden Epica – what were they thinking?

In the latest round of badge engineering Holden have decided to market a re-badged Daewoo Tosca as their entry in the mid-size category, competing with cars like the Toyota Camry and the Mazda 6.


After the success of the all new billion dollar VE Commodore, you’ve got to wonder if Holden hasn’t shot themselves in the foot with the Epica.

This is the fourth Daewoo sourced vehicle for Holden. The Barina, Viva and Captiva are all products of the South-Korean factory and given the public’s seemingly strong dislike for previous models in the Daewoo range, I wonder if that stigma will follow the Epica. There is no doubt that the build quality across the Daewoo range has increased ten-fold in the last few years but it could be a case of too little, too late.

Speaking from a mechanics point of view, nothing that came out of the Daewoo factory before 2005 looked like it would stand the test of time. I am not qualified to offer an opinion on post-2005 cars as I haven’t picked up a spanner in two years due to a back injury and shut-up shop in early 2006. Some of the common problems that we saw were timing belt failure due to a plastic tensioner pulley, twice in 30,000km on one vehicle and Holden refused a warranty claim as the car was older than three years but had travelled only 68,000km when the second belt failed. On both occasions the repairs were done at a Holden dealership yet they wouldn’t honour their repair guarantee. Admitting a design fault was out of the question I guess!

Horribly soft brake rotors was another issue we encountered. It was not unusual for the rotors to need machining at every service due to being out of round causing pedal and steering wheel vibrations. Holden’s answer to this one – the car must have been driven through water when the discs were hot. More than likely this was the case, so what are you supposed to do? Not drive the car if there is any water on the road?! Disc rotors are not made as well as they used to be, but this is just ridiculous!

I could go on for ages about the common problems found with these vehicles, however that is not the point of this post. As I stated the vehicles that I have worked on were pre-05 and I hope for potential Epica buyers that the engineering behind these cars has improved. I think only time will tell, once a few km’s have been racked up we should be hearing if they are a success or not. If previous models are anything to go by I don’t hold out much hope for buyers of the Epica though.

Pricing of the Epica may be the thing that gets them out of the showroom doors – $26,000 for the base model and a top of the range CDXi can be had for around the same money as a base model Camry. For more information on pricing and specifications see here.

Time will be the deciding factor on the success of the Epica. It will be interesting to see if the public will take to it or if the stigma of the previous Daewoo models is still strong enough to scare buyers away from it. I will keep you posted!

49 Responses to “The Holden Epica – what were they thinking?”
  1. sam says:

    my uncle has a holden epica 2008, and what a nightmare its turned out to be for him, there imposible to fill the tank and the lifters after 2000klm sound like metalica at band practise, sutherland holden crap excuse to my uncle was to monitor those problems and get back to them, i plan to go with my uncle to holden next service and ask them to fill the tank and explain why the lifters are so noisy,

  2. geoff says:

    Have had an epica since 2007.Only problem is tyre wear even after holdens fixed the know front end issue that caused the wear.
    I had the same problem filling the tank.Found it fills OK if you dont push the bowser filler hose down the fuel tank pipe.Hard to get use to but it works.Rest the bowser filler hose just inside the tank filling pipe.

  3. Brian C says:

    “Holden Epica CDTi 2009″ problems.
    1/ Accerating from 90Km to 110Km to pass a slower car, Epica coughs and splutters then losses power for 3-4 seconds then pickup. This is intermittent problem.
    2/ Changing gear to reverse or into Drive the Epica will not change and stays in neutral….move the leaver forward or back incramentally and Auto kicks in with a whooping big THUMP ! Then the Auto will not change gear so i drive home in 1st gear. NOW THIS SOUNDS STUPID” This is a known EPICA problem as they give instruction in book of instructions (now get this) to take of small plastic cap and insert a key or screw driver in that slot that is just infront of gear lever to cure problem and then call Holden agent ASAP.
    3/ Normally the key lock remote locks the car and is indicated by 1 flick of lights….now the EPICA locks the car but no light flicker…so now I gotta check the doors are locked manually .
    4/ When I received the car, fuel efficiency was Diesel 9KM/100Km then I checked the tyres (that was after the 1st service) and found all tyres at 22psi so now I set them at 32psi and EPICA is doing 7.2KM/100Km
    Appears that the EPICA is slowly grinding to a halt, so I going to ring Somerton Holden in Adelaide this morning to sort it out.

  4. Brian C says:

    My apology Re Epica…. thats 9L/100Km and 7.2L/100Km

  5. JEFFC says:

    I have owned a HOLDEN EPICA CDXI for three years and the only two complaints are poor economy (11.6 – 10.6 litres/ 100klms) and the park locked into position at 20,000 klms. I released it using the release slot and it supposably has been fixed under warranty. Otherwise so far no other problems>

  6. Wiffco says:

    I’ve had an Epica for nearly 12 months now, just about to get the 15k service. Folks, if you want it to handle and turn better, run the front tyres at 40psi and the rears around 34psi. I know that sounds weird but don’t knock it till you try it. There is a big lump of cast iron (its called an engine) sitting right on top of those front tyres and even 32psi is too low. As for other problems, creaky steering wheel from new, flaring in gear changes when cold, particularly 2nd-3rd, the occasional big thump from the auto when it’s trying to change gear and I’m in heavy traffic. Major problem was fuel leaking in the engine bay, problem was the return canister and fittings and the fact that it only leaked enough fuel to evaporate and cause a big stink and make me feel sick. Unfortunately not enough that you could see which was a pain. Other than that, for the bargain price I paid, sub $24k drive away, it serves a purpose, it’s comfortable to sit in, rides well and I’m getting 8.6l/100km average and I drive in city traffic every day.

  7. ScottyB says:

    I have owned my Holden Epica since August 2008, have had on several occasions problems with it not starting. The engine just wont fire! Have had it towed back to a Holden dealership (separate dealerships) 3 times, but for some reason it miraculously starts when they get it off the tow truck! They’ve hooked it up to the computer several times but no luck, no errors show up! It has on many other occasions started after a few minutes of waiting but i’m worried now the warranty has run out, it’s either not going to start at all one day or Holden will suddenly find out what the problem is (no doubt expensive to fix!) Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem?

  8. ScottyB says:

    Follow up to my earlier post. Holden have discovered a faulty crankshaft sensor was to blame. Stopping the engine from starting as not to damage anything. All fixed now & fingers crossed no more problems!

  9. Craig Wilson says:

    Good to hear they got it sorted Scott, as you say fingers crossed for no more issues like that.


  10. gerry g says:

    hi scotty b,
    i have the same problen as you, but for at lease 6mts now, been to dealership 4 times, changed coil immobiliser, cam shaft sensor, ecu unit, and last time wiring to the plug jacks connected to the ecu unit, but here we go again, wont start tonight same old thing, its driving me mad, so please if you find anything please let me know

  11. Webbie says:

    I have owned my 2010 Epica CDXI auto, for about two months, Whilst i am happy with the comfort, economy and general feel of the car, I have had some “odd’ issues.
    Not starting, found that turning ignition off, then try again works.
    Sudden loss of power, put the foot down to accelerate, only to have no power for a couple of seconds.
    During driving in traffic, gear changes, sometimes lurch from one gear to another. Reminiscent of a old 2 gear powerglide auto. On reading the posted comments I forsee a mixed future. Thankfully it is a company car.

  12. JoeboyV says:

    I appreciate all these comments fellas! I was about to purchase one and was doing my due diligence and hitting up the articles and forums about the Epica. 2008 Epica for $16000 + on road costs. Good thing I checked.

  13. SueB says:

    My holden Epica 2007, please advise I have blown every light globe some more than once , over time. Indicators brake lights head lights, plus the brake pedal switch and the latest is loss of power when driving , engine light on, hasn’t stalled jsut no power. It seems that there is some kind of electrical problem. Does anyone know anything about it.

  14. Webbie says:

    In further addition to previous comment, have now done 6700km and have the pleasure of oil leaks onto my driveway. The oil leak may account for the overheated engine smell that we get when at the end of a journey. It has had its 3000km service (oddly enough the oil leak started around the same time?) and will be going back in next week to sus out the issue.
    I still like the car, for comfort etc I just hope issues do not start to escalate.


  15. gerry g says:

    hi all:
    we changed the crankshaft sensor, the same as scotty b, and all seems to be ok, no problems for the last 6 weeks, so hopefully that is problem solved, p.s. the lease is up in June, we will be trading it in for some other model, bye

  16. Chris says:

    I bought a CDXi 07 model in 08 and I have only had 1 problem. That was the transmission got stuck in PARK. Holden took it and fixed it, ended being a sensor problem.

    Other than that, drives beautifully, petrol is at 8.4L / 100km, get 600km a tank. Very comfortable leather seats, truly a “poor man’s Mercedes”

    Someone actually mentioned to me that they mistook it for a Mercedes. I understand why people wouldn’t like the base models, but the top range models are perfect, especially me being only 20 years old, it’s awesome :)

    Love my baby and will definitely still be driving her in 5 years time.

  17. Regina says:

    I have a 2007 Epica and a beautifull front of it. I had a problem with the battery and it was replaced but they could not find the same battery butafter i got a substitute one from Holden the warning light started turning on and the car stoped anywhere and at any time so I took the car to Holden for a check they informed me that the battery they put inn causes data loss in the card and I have to replace it of which was going to cost more thousands to replace. Why should we have to get diffrent batteries if they cause electric issues after replacing them. Has enyone replaced the battery and got issues with?

  18. Aaron says:

    Bought a 2009 model second hand about 15 months ago. Only problem has been the aforementioned issue with the discs. Otherwise, it does what it’s meant to for a mid-size, small V6: it’s comfortable enough for the family, has better than average fuel economy, better power than a smaller car and it’s not ugly. All in all, it’s actually quite a sensible car.

  19. Aaron says:

    Correction: 2008 model

  20. Nick says:

    Isnt the Epica an inline six cylinder

  21. Richard says:

    Just about to buy an 08 Epica – looks and feels great but after reading these threads I might give it a miss!!. I’ve driven Camrys since 1987 and am handing in my 2000 V6 with a pretty blameless 350K so I think I’ll stay with a Camry.

  22. OzSec says:

    Bought a 2009 model Diesel cdxi and have been fairly happy with it until now. Done 63000klm and has had all of it’s services through the holden dealership. Apart from the rev flare ups that are standard with the turbo diesel model we haven’t had any troubles until a week ago when the wife rang me to say the car just stopped in traffic for no reason. When I arrived on the scene I noticed a stream of gearbox fluid running down the gutter so immediately called a tow truck. The car has 3 more weeks left of Holden warranty (lucky). The diagnosis is that the gearbox shaft had come clean out of the gearbox!!!!! not sure how this even happens but that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve been reading threads ever since to see if this is a common problem with this vehicle as I’m sure it would be expensive to fix if it happens again. So to sum up, after 3 years of ownership we have
    1. had a factory recall to replace some fuel system thingy
    2. had to replace the brake rotors (according to holden they needed them but I think that sounds like shite)
    3. had the gearbox go terminal (still under warranty thankfully)
    A pretty long list for a 3 year old vehicle bought new with all factory services carried out. I would have rated the Epica Diesel 8/10 before the gearbox problem, now I’d rate it 3/10. Hopefully the gearbox thing is a once-off and not a design fault.

  23. Helen C says:

    I just had my 2007 Epica towed to a mechanic for a second opinion as the RACQ have said I need a new motor after 100,000 ks. I have along history with it as it was a ‘lemon’ and Holden wouldn’t take it back. I never got 50 metres away from the showroom and the brakes failed at a roundabout driving out of the showroom brand new. My sister bought one the at the same time and she broke down 30 ks from the dealer driving it home from the showroom. I had problems with mine as soon as I purchased it and it has been around brakes, tyres, steering but the computer system was replaced at no cost to me last major service. I am looking at having mine towed to the dump. $28,000 down the drain. Thanks Holden.

  24. Ana maria says:

    I have my beatiful Holden Epica 2007, always giving me a electric problems. Last week wouldn’t drive more than 40 ks on parramatta Rd .I was so nerveous as everyone who was driving behind me was very upset. I call NRMA they toll me that the breakdown was a Fault Code detected with a Power Transmission Module. I took the card to Holden the next morning, they said that they couldn’t see any problem they. took the card for a drive but the light on the dashboard would not come -up. So they charged me $ 121.00. without any solution. The problem is that the car still stopping down to a maximun 40Ks. I don’t know what to do, because if I take the car to them again the light should be on otherwise they can see any problem if the ligth is not on of course they will charge me again . that anyone have same problem. please let me know what to do I will appreciate that.

  25. dougy says:

    2009 epica diesel, bought new and done 65000 klm. Issues in order,
    Recall notice to fix fuel system fault,
    Gearbox main bearing collapse, gearbox had to be rebuilt,
    Flat battery/faulty battery. European battery had to order in as nobody
    Stocks these HUGE 912CCA batteries (wtf). Since then the ‘ESC’ ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL,
    Fault light won’t go out. Still drives ‘ok’ with the fault light on so bugger it.
    I’ve done over 130,000 klm in my 2nd hand falcon without any issues,
    Will never buy another Korean car after this “Holden” Epica.

  26. Rob says:

    Bought a 2007 Epica CDXi from Surfers City Holden, and apart from tyre wear problems right from new, the Epica runs fine to date.
    The 4 wheel tracking was out which wore the rear tyres out in 15000km, and Holden still said it was set to factory spec, and as this is a front wheel drive car, rear wear should be mimimal. Aventually Holden/Daewoo updated the set up in 2008 and all is well since then.The Epica has still only covered 85000km, so it’s early days for reliability.
    The Auto box does lurch with a thump after start up when putting into gear, but I find running in 4th gear in traffic and city driving is much smoother. Hill and country roads, leave in 4th gear, much better. The handbook does actually say select 4th gear for city driving.
    I moved to the UK and took my Holden Epica with me, and it is still running fine, and parts and servicing is now carried out at the UK version of Holden “Vauxhall”. It looks like I will have to keep it the Epica until the end, as it is worth $2 over here.
    Just for the record, it is a transverse inline 6 cylinder engine, not a V6.

  27. NotHappy says:

    Excuse the french, but what a piece of sh*t !!
    I fell in love with this car when i first took it for a test drive over 22 months ago. The smooth drive, effortless turning circle, overall great steering … It only went down hill.

    After owning the car for approx. 7 months, it needed a new battery (i am on the roads a lot, didn’t really think much into it). Changed the battery. Car has been used for numerous trips to Melbourne/Queensland from Sydney. Excellent on fuel consumption when driving long distance using ‘cruise control’ however City driving, stop starting at lights etc, i was filing up petrol every second/third day. Thinking this was an issue with my fuel filter/pump, i immediately took it to my mechanic. This was about 1 year into owning the vehicle. Full service was done. Fuel filter was changed at this point.

    After a trip back to Sydney from Queensland, the car started going the oddest thing…
    The engine light switched on. We pulled over, checked oil, water etc. Temperature gauge wasn’t going above half and considering the drive was still smooth, didn’t really think too much of it and continued our drive.
    We made it back to Sydney, the next day I took it to my mechanic. A quick computer scan was done where it was coming up as NO ERRORS. Quickly bringing down the problem to the ‘globe behind the engine light’ we disregarded the issue considering the car was still in working order.

    A few days later, i stopped at a set of lights, when to accelorate to take off and THE CAR WOULDN’T MOVE….
    All power was still on, music, lights, charger, navman… however no power to the accelorator. Put the vehicle in park, turned the ignition off then back on and the car started, no problem and accelorator working again, no probelm ….
    Drove another 2kms before it did it again. Took it back to my mechanic, computer scanner was still reading NO ERRORS. He suggested i take it to an auto electrician. Was told the same thing from the auto electrician. No fault could be found.
    They ‘reset’ the computer and sent me on my was. The engine light stayed off for about 5 minutes when it died in the ass again. Same issue… all power on just a complete loss of acceloration. After numerous visits to mechanics and auto electricians (as it was out of warranty Holden were going to charge an arm and a leg to EVEN JUST SCAN THE COMPUTER FOR THE FAULT). Having spent around the $1,000 mark already, i was at my wits ends.
    5 months later, i started my stop and start drive to Holden Alexandria Service Department. Just when i thought my luck couldn’t get any worse, as i was driving smoke started coming out of my bonnet. Radiator blew. Suttons did a computer check on the vehicle and advised me that a computer software upgrade was required. Unable to assist me with that on the same day. I left. Took the car back to my mechanic and replaced the radiator. I booked an appointment with Suttons Chullora (where i originally brought the car). Told them what Suttons Alexandria had told me and requested them to do a software upgrade. I had given them all the back ground with the car already and asked whether this was a standard issue when a vehicle needed an upgrade. I mean the car continuously losing acceloration is a dangerous thing!! No straight answer was given to me, i left the car there anyway. A few hours later i get a phone call telling me the soft ware upgrade has been completed however it hasn’t solved the issue. They further explained that for another $110 they could do another computer read and then repair whatever issue was found resulting from that. I was already passing through that area and decided to see them in person. Ended up paying $165 for the upgrade, crappy as all hell that the problem wouldn’t be solved. Jumped in the car, drove out and boom, engine light IS NOT ON and the CAR IS NOT DYING!!!
    Is this a mircale? Or were Suttons Holden Chullora attempting to gain some extra bucks on me? Is is standard that something as simple as a computer upgrade could result in something so dangerous as LOSS OF POWER WHEN ACCELORATING!?
    (I might be female but not a complete nitwit when it comes to cars).

    Generally the car would die a few times every 4 minutes. A 20 minute drive back to work with no problems. My fingers are crossed…
    Just wanted to share the story to see whether anyone else has experienced similar issue?? Has anyone serviced/repaired their vehicle at suttons chullora and been given additional charges?
    A better understanding of this matter would ease my mind…

  28. Epica08 says:

    I have a 2008 Epica bought a year ago from a Holden Dealership. Three months later my brake pads were worn to the metal apparently although I hardly drove it. This car has been nothing but trouble. It has been back to the Holden Dealership four times in the last 12 months to fix an electrical problem where the airbag light, ABS and MIL all light up and won’t go off. I have paid (and Holden a third) to have the ABS module replaced, that didn’t work. Holden are now paying to have a new computer put in and are crossing their fingers that works. I refuse to pay anymore. It has cost me not only money but my time, taking it back and forth and having to leave it there. At present they’ve had it for nearly 3 weeks.
    Now I read that Epica’s are being recalled for faulty brakes. Why am I not surprised. I bought this car based on safety ratings for me and my child and I couldn’t feel less confident in a car. Holden Customer Service as useless. Everythings “not their problem”. They must pay people just to sit there and repeat the same thing to customers.
    I would love Holden to take the car back, but really, who would I ask? Who really cares? If anyone is reading this, I would advise against buying a Holden Epica. It will give you nothing but trouble.

  29. Brian C says:

    HOLDEN EPICA CDTi PROBLEMS since new 17/02/09
    Well I’m back again with updates about my Epice CDTi Diesel 2008 model

    FUEL consumption- Tyres must be checked regularly if u wish 8.2L/100Km
    suggest 40psi front and 34psi rear. New tyres at 60,000.

    THUMP THUMP -front brake/caliper/axle that only appears on cambered smooth sealed road at 40 – 60Km per hour and noise increases on right hand turn and frequency on road speed. Holden has known about this noise since new and several times there after. OK.back and to day 7/1/13 and they heard it !!! (I’m partially deaf to). Reply was if you hear it again note your driving conditions (already done that twice) then come back to us.

    TRANSMISSION LOCKED – 2nd gear, tried key trick by gear stick but that didnt work, rang them and they said maybe flat battery so checked voltage on starter motor and it went from 13.8Volts to 11volts so not that…. drove to Hamilton Holden and they said the Electronic onboard computer had some errors and they cleared faults and all came good.

    AUTO TRANSMISSION- accelarating up medium incline and sound like “sharpening of shears/knife” and flat accelaration appears intermittently. Another Epica owner says he has had his Auto transmission replace “twice” on a 12 month old Epica…. OMG I say. Hamilton Holden Adelaide say bring it in next time it happens ha ha ha! like I said its intermittent noise from Auto transmission area.

    SERVICE 60,000Km- Asked to have completed full 60,000Km service plus change Pollen filter, Diesel filter, Transmission oil, Coolant change but they didnt change coolant nor Transmission oil. Charged $485. Thank you Hamilton Holden. Wife says it now drives like when it was new

    FRONT PLASTIC GUARD OUTER MOULDING – has dropped 12mm and may fall off.

    WARRANTY – CANCELLED – because I changed the oil and filters every 5000Km per there hand book and there is still 1 year warranty to go.

    ALTERNATE VEHICLE made by Chrysler/ Mercedes Turbo diesel AWD 380N “SSamyong 4 year warranty A$29,000. Looks like the new AWD Toyota, KIa etc and Ford at around A$56, maybe I can get a better deal there.

    I’m having a nice day looking at best deals SSamyong

  30. Katem says:

    Nothappy did the software update fix it?
    I am having the exact same problem and apparently only holden can fix it. They want to charge mega bucks and won’t believe me that it needs an update.
    Please help!

  31. NotHappy says:

    YES !! They were only trying to rip me a few extra dollars by trying this ‘further test’ BS on me.

    After losing power accellorating, Suttons Chullora did the software upgrade and YES it solved by problem!

    They shouldn’t be arguing with giving you an upgrade, its required regardless of whether they believe it will fix the fault or not.

    Some dickhead ran a red light a few months back, rendering my epica a complete ride off…
    2010 – Honda Civic – Larke Hoskins Homebush (Parramatta Road)!

  32. BIGKEV says:

    I have a 2008 Epica 2.5L CDX, i bought it second hand in 2010 and have had a few problems, the doors wouldn’t lock or the windows go up or down unless BOTH front doors were open. holden eventually found that it was a faulty wiring issue and that has been resolved (they wanted me to buy a new control modual, i said no). the other issue is that the air bag light and traction control light is on, i have been told that i need a new steering level sensor but that these codesdon’t effect the car in any way. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?

  33. Dougy says:

    @ BIGKEV,
    My Traction control light has been on for the last 6 months and doesn’t effect the operation of the car. I bought a code scanner and connected it to the on-board computer to scan for faults and the scanner came up with ‘no faults found’ so I haven’t worried about it. Was recently at the Holden Dealership to rectify a Product Recall for the brakes and the Dealership didn’t mention/notice the fault light. This light came on after I did a battery change so I think it was related to that somehow. I would recommend buying a code scanner (about $30 on Ebay) so you can find out what faults you have (if any) yourself without paying holden $150.00 to do a simple 5 minute job.

  34. Katem says:

    Thanks for the advice.
    I cracked the $hit$ in the end and traded it in to a dealer for a holden Astra. Haven’t looked back since but it’s a real shame as the epica has all the extra features I liked, including cruise control!

    Never mind, next year it’s going to be an Audi for me :)

    Good luck other epica owners! My advice would be trade out of it ASAP!

  35. Ash says:

    I bought a 2008 cdx epica 2nd hand in 2009, had 17k on it and I have down bout 50k since I bought. I have never had an issue with the car except for the ridiculous cost of a service. To keep my new car warranty I had to take it to Holden. My new car warranty has now expired and I have never had to claim anything.

  36. Nick says:

    Give it time lol

  37. Donna says:

    i have a holden epica 2008 just recently had problems with the left hand tyre feels like its flat but its not just had it to the mechanics and they checked the front drive shafts,hubs and found nothing anyone else had the same problem with their epica ???

  38. TREVOR says:

    I have a Holden Epica CDX 2010 sedan the problems with this car is that the immobilizer is too sensitive and goes of at very unexpected times also accessories like seat covers for front and rear seat are hard to find. Fog lamps are at premium not to talk about the other stuff but I would really like to get to know a website from where I can buy necessary accessories for my car.

  39. sc00t says:

    Wow seems like everyone who’s ever had a problem wth an epica has cmmented n ths page…. every other review site is full of people raving about theres… ive got an 09 turbo at 196 000 km and never missed a beat. its more economical then most .1.8L cars ive driven… only issue ive ever had is somedays the auto locks and i have t use a key, but i can live with that 30sec inconvinience

  40. Brian says:

    My Epica CDTi 2010, when1st driven had an intermittent noise from front left and notified Hamilton Holden and they couldn’t pick it over 2 years so gave up and took it to Holden dealer in Adelaide and found that the Wheel bearing had packed it in. Hamilton Holden didn’t want to know about it for 2 years so $450 later fixed. Pumped up tyres for trip from Adelaide-Alice Springs-Adelaide, economy @ 7.3L/100Km fully loaded up.

  41. Brian says:

    see my comment about the CDTi front wheel bearing as that’s what my Epica sounded like.

  42. Peta says:

    About to trade in my 2008 Epica because of the transmission. A 5 year old car that’s been serviced when required and now needs a transmission has made me angry and no faith in Holden. Since this has happened I’ve been told that this was an issue with the Epica and that I should get rid of it ASAP. Also the parts are hard to come by because of it not being on the market for that long. What does that tell you,

  43. Marianne says:

    We have a holden Epica and the engine has cut out three times going around a roundabout, and once just driving along, where the steering lock activates while the car is still moving, so I cant turn the wheel DANGEROUS!! and scary. Also twice the park brake gets stuck when I turn it on so I cant get it into drive??? Funny because I read 2 other people with exactly the same things happen to them with the Epica. Not happy hopefully they will recall them and we will gt our money back. Has everyone lodged their complaint with Holden??? I am about to.

  44. Mat says:

    Have 2008 cdti. Motor not starting, looses power, transmission slips and jumps, leaking diesel into the sump, leaking oil on driveway. taken to holden dealership, cannot fault or find any errors on ecu. asked for ecu upgrade at another time, said they have to scan first (extra charge). asked for upgrade only and they said no. rang holden care. they did not want to know me or believe there was any problems with the car.

  45. ronald bright says:

    Our Holden Epica has twice now gone into limp mode (winter). disconnected & reconnected battery to no avail. Holden says it is corrosion on terminal X214. has anybody had this problem & can anybody tell me where terminal X214 is located.

  46. neel says:

    Bought an absolute lemon. Bought epica 2007 cdxi brand new and have spent so much money on problems with in.

    1. Transmissiom died needed replacing.
    2. As previous issues, im still dealing with loss of power, nobody seems to know hw to fix it. Ill suggest upgrading software as per previous posts
    3. Rotors needing to b changed aftrr warranty expired. Dont even use the car alot
    4. Transmission stuck in.park

    Would gt it traded if i had the extra cash

  47. epic_fail says:

    1. Economy – to improve the economy of the Epica (9.1 l/100km around town and 6.5 l/100km on open road), I have set the front and rear tyre pressure to 40psi. This has also fixed a tyre scrubbing issue on the front tyres.

    2. Tyre scrubbing – see above.

    3. Steering wheel wobble under braking at high speed – disc rotors are very soft and can warp when heated. On mine these were machined at 25,000kms.

    4. Lighting – the boot light is terrible. Buy a strip of LEDs from eBay and wire into the rear light. Crimp the tails of the LED strip to the +ve/-ve wires in the boot. No soldering required. Disconnect the battery though when installing – 12V can easily short to the chassis and short out a diode behind the rear seats!!!

    5. Transmission stuck in Park – A switch behind the brake pedal arm (2/3rds up the pedal arm) is used to detect whether the foot is on the brake or not. This also controls the brake lights. Rotate the switch out of the holder by rotating it clock wise when facing the engine. The contacts inside the switch appear to burn out quite quickly, so you either need to pull it apart and rotate the contacts or replace the switch. A symptom of a failed or faulty switch is: 1) no cruise control, 2) transmission stuck in Park 3) no brake lights working. When replacing, adjust the switch holder so that the switch “opens” with even the slightest press of the brake pedal. This will ensure that the brake lights come on even at the lightest of the touches.

  48. Mat says:

    Update from Holden. Car not starting due fault in starter motor. Cost to replace starter motor $900.00. Sourced price of starter motor from local spare parts supplier, $315.00. What a rip off.

  49. My name is heffe says:

    we have a 2008 Epica Diesel ..Crap car, but impressed by Holden’s service…

    Car has done about 65,000 Km … Only saving grace so far, is the motor is ok.

    Transmission replaced at 60,000kms, been intermittently faulty from about 30,000km … went to two transmission specialist that told me they had to use a wrecked one and make one good one (at about $5000 worth), with no guarantee it would work. Wrote to Holden, they told me to take it to Holden dealership (who initially told me to take it to a Transmission specialist), they assessed the trans, said need to be replaced… Holden head office paid for the transmission, i paid for labour.. fair call, cost me $700 for new transmission, with 2 year warranty…

    The brake light switch (behind pedal, as described above) has failed three times in 60,000 … just poor quality switches. Not major, just annoying.

    We also had a major boot leak, which ended up being the window seal was not attached, neither were the wires for aerial or windows heater… One hopes that wasn’t like that from factory.

    Now we have a fuel leak … It is just never ending with this car… I am getting a corolla next.

    The seats are nice?

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