Patrol/Maverick – Gauges, Indicators And Windows Not Working?

A friend of ours has had an intermittent problem with their 1990 Ford Maverick (GQ Patrol). Out of the blue the dash gauges would stop working and the indicators and power windows would also go on strike at the same time. Just as unexpectedly it would all start working again.

I went online in the search for a wiring diagram and found that we definitely weren’t alone with this issue, so I thought I would post what we found wrong with the Maverick.

As I said this problem relates to the dash gauges, indicators and electric windows all failing at the same time and another ‘symptom’ of this problem is no power to 3 fuses in the fuse box in the drivers side foot well (see the image below). If your vehicle is showing the same symptoms please read on.

We found the cause of this issue was that the bottom of the three relay’s located next to the fuses was faulty. One way of confirming this is to swap the bottom relay with one of the other two, just be sure to remember where each one came from! All going well you should have working windows, gauges and indicators with a different relay in place.

These relays are specific in their pin layout so unless you want to get creative with some lengths of wire, some crimp-on connectors and a universal relay, you are going to need to get a genuine one from a Nissan or Ford dealership.

However if you need to get the windows up in a hurry or prefer driving to the dealership with working indicators and gauges (where’s your sense of adventure?!), what you can do is remove the A/C relay from underneath the metal plate located on the drivers side of the engine bay between the guard and the battery (two 10mm or phillips head screws need to be removed). This relay is identical in colour and pin layout and will get you out of trouble in the interim.

patrol-maverick fuse box

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  1. Had same problem,, I changed those blue one’s with brand new one’s but still no change… Any idea’s?? thanx

  2. Need some help have no indicators change out relays still nothing also change out indicator stalk still nothing any ideas

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