Pajero V6 Timing Check And Adjust

This article covers checking and adjusting the ignition timing on NF, NG, NH and NJ model Pajero’s fitted with the 3.0 V6 engine.

Before checking or making any adjustments to the timing the Timing Check Connector must be earthed. A length of electrical wire with small alligator clips on each end is handy for this, attach one end to the battery negative terminal or a clean and paint-free metal part of the body or engine and clip the other end to the check connector.

On the NF and NG models the connector is located in the wiring loom near the brake master cylinder. See pic below.

pajero timing

On the NH and NJ models, the connector is located in the wiring loom on the firewall on the passengers side of the vehicle and is the round connector (the fuel pump test connector is located here also and is the rectangular connector) See pic below.

pajero timing

With the timing check connector earthed the timing light can be connected – cylinder number one is the front cylinder on the right hand side (drivers side) of the engine.

Now the engine can be started and the timing light aimed at the harmonic balancer and timing marks. The timing setting for all of the 3.0 V6’s is 5° ± 2°. If the timing marks are difficult to see with the timing light a dab of white correction fluid in the correct place can help.

pajero timing

To adjust the timing loosen the nut securing the distributor and rotate the distributor in small incriments until the mark on the harmonic balancer lines up with the 5° mark on the timing belt cover.

pajero timing

Don’t forget to then tighten the distributor nut! It is also a good idea to recheck the timing in case the distributor moved while the nut was being tightened.

If all is good switch the engine off, remove the earthing wire and go for a test drive. All done!

4 thoughts on “Pajero V6 Timing Check And Adjust

  1. i am working on a NK v6 quad cam pajero. timing marks are perfect compesion is 175+ in each cylinder how ever engine is running smooth but with no power upon accelleration. timing is said to be non adjustable. yet it sits at 10 degrees after top dead( not b4). what can adjust timing to put it that far out?
    P.s have already tried air flow mtr, ecu,earthing base mode conector,cr/shaft/sensor and retentioning belt several times.

  2. what colour is the ignition wire I have to earth out to the body please, my pajero has dual batteries fitted and the wiring has been moved, what dose it plug look like and what colour are the wires that run into it please, thanks Brian

  3. I have same thing going on I put bigger injectors out of a 3.5 and same thing. Turns out that the sci is goin straight to open circuit to injectors instead of closed like it should under 3000 rpm still not sure I can fix running by the tps or I have to remap ecu

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