The changing vehicle repair industry

The motor repair industry both here in Australia and around the world is undergoing some pretty major changes. From what I see and the information I am getting from people still in the industry, the local mechanic down the road ( You know the one, the one that has his name on the building, the … Read moreThe changing vehicle repair industry

Tips for maintaining your vehicle

Vehicle maintenance, like death and taxes is one of those things we just cannot avoid unless of course you don’t mind the occasional walk home from wherever you are! Not nice when your 1000 kilometres away! There are plenty of things that even the mechanically-challenged of us can do to help minimise the chances of … Read moreTips for maintaining your vehicle

Changes to licensing system – at last.

Queensland transport have finally come up with changes to the licensing system for new drivers. Not everyone is going to agree that this is a good thing, but with so many young people dying on our roads these days I for one hope that they have a positive affect. Changes include; Lowering learners permit age … Read moreChanges to licensing system – at last.