mercedes benz scl 600

Mercedes Benz SCL600 – Joystick Controlled!

Are we getting too old to drive this  Car?

No joke! Scary, but  true?

Scroll  down…..


mercedes benz scl 600

Presenting the New  Mercedes Benz  SCL600

mercedes benz scl 600

Pretty, isn’t  it?  


What’s  different about this  car?

mercedes benz

Not  this…

mercedes benz scl 600

Here  is the real  difference….

  mercedes benz scl 600


No Steering Wheel

No Pedals either

mercedes benz scl 600  

You drive  this car with a joystick

Do you  think that you can drive with a  joystick?

Your kids and grandkids  can.

The influence of video  games in our lives
has really arrived,  wouldn’t you say?

But there is  more!

The scary thought  is:

Now a 3-year-old can steal your  car and DRIVE IT BETTER THAN YOU CAN  !

Yep – Start checking  the senior bus schedule!!!!

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SCL600 – Joystick Controlled!

  1. Mercedes Benz launched it’s latest machine SCL600, which looks really pretty. Main speciality of this machine is it’s engine which is twin turbo charged with 5.5 L v-12 with 510 hp & 612 lbs ft. It’s really advance technology and the main function which I looking for is 2 big doors to 96 km/h (60 mph) in less than 4.5 seconds.

  2. The new joystick driven SCL600 model is a true symbol for the level of technology and innovation that has been achieved by the German based Mercedes Benz Motors in recent times.

  3. A few seconds of research shows that this was a concept car the F200, which was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1996. Only 16 years ago folks, just goes to show docn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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