Is It A Ford Or A Holden…… No, It’s A Folden!

How’s this for… well, different? Spotted on the website was this half Ford half Holden creation built by New Zealand’s “The Rock Drive Show” announcers Robert Taylor and Jono Pryor.

The Folden project came about after the two became fed up with their listeners ongoing battle over which brand reigns supreme.


The front half of the Folden is a 1969 Ford Mustang while the rear is HQ Holden. According to the ad copy the car took three months to build from scratch, involved around two dozen businesses and upwards of 70 tradespeople and cost around $90,000.


The Folden is powered by a 302 cubic inch Ford V8, the paint is gun metal grey with orange racing stripes and the wheels are Foose Coronet alloys.


The great thing is that the proceeds from the auction are going to the NZ Mental Health Foundation for Out Of The Blue, an organisation that deals with depression in men.

So how much to own your own Folden, at the time of writing this article there has been 278 bids and the winning bid is $97,200.00. There is still a week or so to go with the auction so we imagine that figure will climb before the end of proceedings.

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