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How To Replace Falcon Alternator

Hey guys and gals, today we’re going to document how to replace an alternator on a six cylinder Falcon. We are using an ED model for this tutorial and although there are differences in the alternators and drivebelt setups of the different model Falcons, the procedure for replacing the alternator itself is much the same.

So how do you know if you’re alternator is crook and needs replacement? Check out THIS ARTICLE first if you aren’t sure and as usual please read through this article in it’s entirety before starting out so that you get an understanding of the steps involved and to ensure you have, or have access to, the required tools needed to complete the job.

First up we need to disconnect the battery. If your Falcon still has the factory stereo check for any security codes you might need before removing a terminal. Always remove the negative terminal of the battery, that way if you touch the bodywork or any other part of the car with your spanner as you are undoing it you won’t have the risk of arcing the spanner out and burning yourself.

Now you can remove the nut on the post on the back of the alternator and remove the wires. This nut was 13mm on our ED.

how to replace an alternator 1

Then remove the wiring plug (this can be different between models/different alternators).

how to replace an alternator 2

For this style of plug push down on the area shown while gently pulling the plug out from the alternator.

how to replace an alternator 3

Loosen the 13mm bolt and rotate the adjuster nut clockwise (24mm or 15/16) so you can remove the fanbelt. You might have to loosen the bottom mounting bolt before the alternator will move. Once you have the belt off remove the bolt and adjuster not completely.

how to replace an alternator 4

Next up we need to remove the bottom bolt. This can be done from the top, however I find it much easier to attack it from below.

how to replace an alternator 5

The bolt was 14mm in our ED and typically there will be a captive nut at the other end so you don’t have to worry about stopping it from turning.

how to replace an alternator 6

Now we can lift the alternator up off the bottom mount and move it back and let it sit on the crossmember.

how to replace an alternator 8

With a bit of maneuvering it will come easily out the top.

how to replace an alternator 7

If you have bought a new alternator take the time to make sure that it is identical (the pulley, where it bolts up etc) to the one you just pulled out. You don’t want to get halfway through the job and realize something is different!

Installation is the reverse of these steps with care taken to ensure that you have the to-be-live wires correctly fitted to the ‘post’ on the back of the alternator.

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