FG Falcon Drivebelt Replacement

Today we are looking at what’s involved in replacing the drivebelt, or fanbelt, on a 6 cylinder FG Falcon. In this tutorial we will be removing the thermo fan assembly to give better access however it can be done without removing them. Personally I don’t think it’s worth the frustration and lost skin to do it with the fans in place but please yourself! The part number for the 6 cylinder FG belt is 6PK2225.

Ok, first up remove the plastic screw clip and air intake.


Then remove the two 10mm bolts securing the fan assembly to the radiator and unclip the thermo fan electrical connection.

IMG_4321 copy

IMG_4322 copy

Now with a bit of manoeuvring you will be able to lift the fan assembly up and out of the way.

The belt is removed by using a 3/8 drive ratchet or bar (the longer the better) inserted into the hole in the tensioner and moving it towards the drivers side of the car. Slide the belt over the waterpump pulley while the tension is released and then remove it from the rest of the pulleys.

IMG_4325 copy

To fit the new belt it first needs to be fitted around the tensioner pulley (with the flat edge to the pulley), moving the tensioner with your ratchet or breaker bar can make this easier.

Once the belt is around the tensioner just follow it around and fit it to the other pulleys but leave it off the waterpump pulley like the image below –

IMG_4326 copy

Once again push the tensioner over towards the drivers side of the car and slide the belt over the waterpump pulley and release the tensioner. Use your hand and follow the belt along ensuring that it’s correctly fitted to all pulleys. At this stage it’s a good idea to start the engine and make sure everything is lined up and the belt is running properly.

Drop the fans back down in place (takes a bit of manoeuvring) and ensure that the bottom lugs on the fan assembly have fitted into their locators. There is one each side as shown below –

IMG_4328 copy

Refit the two top 10mm bolts and reconnect the electrical connection.

Refit the air intake to the air filter box and refit the plastic screw clip and job is done.

If you’re not familiar with how the belt is routed hopefully the image below will help. From the bottom of the tensioner the belt runs around the harmonic balancer and to the a/c compressor, a bit hard to see in the image I’m sorry 🙂  –


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