Falcon Transmission Cooler Installation

As a follow up to the original post we have information on fitting a transmission cooler to ‘E’ series Falcons. A big thankyou to Paul (Tinter) for these photos and write-up.

Paul chooses to fit two coolers and bypass the original radiator cooler due to a common problem with the internals of the original cooler breaking down and finding their way back into the transmission.

He has reported having no problems as long as the fluid is changed regularly (20,000km intervals is recommended). Here is a diagram he sent through of his setup –


And here is how he put it all together: I removed the front bumper from chassis and other attached areas, top plastic cover, plastic on wheel arch fronts and behind indicators. This only took about 20mins. I purchased a transcooler from an ea at the wreckers for $35 (photo 1956).


Attach that with cable ties to the power steer cooler pipe and a bracket supplied or make yourself, to the left side of the radiator area. I mounted the smaller aftermarket cooler, ebay, new, $50, (photo 1953) to the right side and attached that to the centre bracket and ac pipe with cable ties. You may have to puchase additional hose, i was fortunate to have them supplied with the coolers.


PLEASE NOTE —the tape insulations on the top and bottom of the larger cooler and r/h side the smaller cooler as they will be touching other parts and will cause rub throughs on both surfaces and cause damage and leaks. Inspect regularly, tape is cheap and replace when necessary.

After mounting cut the metal trans pipe, just the bent off it, that goes into the rad top and plumb the appropriate hose from there to the larger cooler inlet, either inlet, i used the one on the top right, an approprate hose the from the left top of the large cooler (photo 1956) to the top of the smaller cooler (photo 1955).



That’s the hose in front of it all (photo1955). From there to complete the circuit an appropriate hose from the small cooler outlet to the return pipe running under the front as seen in (photo 1954).



One cooler and plumbing from the wreckers would surfice. I just wanted to make sure. Replace any fluids lost or better still change the oil as described in an earlier input to the column. Check hoses for leaks, I double clamped the main input and output.

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