Could this be the next Holden Monaro?

General Motors Holden is celebrating it’s 60th year of local vehicle production by unveiling the ‘Coupe 60’ at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show.

Touted strictly as a concept car, Holden says the Coupe 60 is a “60th anniversary gift to the fans worldwide.”


Holden has stopped short of calling this concept car a Monaro but admits that it may be a hint that the Monaro is set to make yet another comeback.

The coupe shares it’s wheelbase and underpinnings with the VE sedan and comes equipped with the Chevrolet sourced 6.0 litre V8 which is expected to put out somewhere in the vicinity of 300kw. This engine has been designed to run on up to 85 per cent ethanol and with Holden’s Active Fuel Management can run on only four cylinders during light throttle and cruising conditions.

The styling of the concept coupe is fairly radical with huge 21 inch wheels filling out the bulging wheel arches and twin side-exit exhausts behind each door adding another muscular element.

Considering that the original Commodore Coupe of 1998 was said to be a ‘concept only’ car and went on to become the Monaro, one has to wonder if this vehicle will find it’s way on to the showroom floors as the new Monaro in the not-to-distant future.


6 thoughts on “Could this be the next Holden Monaro?

  1. This looks a fantastic Car, The real shape to take over from the previous models, Holden just build the Car, We Want it NOW

  2. When are they going to put it on the market great car we need some more monaros out on the streets in nz.

  3. Who ever is on the design team at HSV for this creation has absolutely nailed it! This concept looks mad but realistic!
    If they made this a 427 and upped the interior quality, it would embaress alot of european contenders.

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