Toyota 5S-FE (2.2) Timing Belt – Part Two


In Part One we got as far as having everything apart and ready to replace the oil seals and the oil pump gasket. I prefer to replace the oil pump gasket and then clean everything down before replacing the three oil seals. The reason for this is that there will be some oil spillage from the oil … Read more

Toyota L Series Timing Belt And Waterpump Replacement – Part Two

toyota timing belt replacement

We finally have our new cam gear that we were waiting for from PART ONE of this tutorial, so now it is time to put it all back together. This job can be done with just the basic spanner, socket and screwdriver sets, however here are some tools and supplies that although mostly not essential … Read more

Toyota ‘L’ Series Diesel Timing Belt and Waterpump Replacement

toyota timing belt replacement

Today we are looking at what is involved in replacing the Timing Belt and/or Waterpump on the trusty old L series Toyota Diesel engines. Before we start I want to stress that although this information is supplied in good faith and is a step by step breakdown of me actually doing the job on a … Read more