Timing Belt Replacement – Mitsubishi 3.0 V6

NOTE: Before contemplating doing this job yourself please read our post regarding Crankshaft Pulley Issues and our post on the Crankshaft Locking Tool. The majority of the problems seem to be related to late 90’s models, however it is better to be sure than sorry.  I have seen many crankshafts ruined in these engines because the … Read moreTiming Belt Replacement – Mitsubishi 3.0 V6

Changing your engines oil and filter

Welcome to the first instalment of my DIY Tutorials! My aim is to provide practical guides to the DIY mechanic, ranging from the most basic repairs and maintenance up to the more complicated repairs. I will keep these guides ‘generalised’ in an attempt to cover many makes and models, however if there is something specific … Read moreChanging your engines oil and filter

Mitsubishi Pajero Flashing 4×4 lights fix

For a more thorough run down on how to repair these problems we suggest either – http://www.pajeroclub.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=119 or http://4wd.blogeasy.com/ I recently had the joy (ha ha) of helping a friend diagnose a problem with his Mitsubishi Pajero. I suppose you couldn’t even call this vehicle modern as it was a 1993 model. I hate to … Read moreMitsubishi Pajero Flashing 4×4 lights fix

Tips for maintaining your vehicle

Vehicle maintenance, like death and taxes is one of those things we just cannot avoid unless of course you don’t mind the occasional walk home from wherever you are! Not nice when your 1000 kilometres away! There are plenty of things that even the mechanically-challenged of us can do to help minimise the chances of … Read moreTips for maintaining your vehicle