How To Replace Falcon Alternator

how to replace alternator

Hey guys and gals, today we’re going to document how to replace an alternator on a six cylinder Falcon. We are using an ED model for this tutorial and although there are differences in the alternators and drivebelt setups of the different model Falcons, the procedure for replacing the alternator itself is much the same. … Read moreHow To Replace Falcon Alternator

Patrol/Maverick – Gauges, Indicators And Windows Not Working?

A friend of ours has had an intermittent problem with their 1990 Ford Maverick (GQ Patrol). Out of the blue the dash gauges would stop working and the indicators and power windows would also go on strike at the same time. Just as unexpectedly it would all start working again. I went online in the search for a … Read morePatrol/Maverick – Gauges, Indicators And Windows Not Working?

Fitting An Auxiliary Starter Motor Relay

starter motor relay

Tom wrote to us saying that he is having trouble with an intermittent no-start issue with his 1990 model Toyota truck and from what he has written it sounds like either the contacts in the starter solenoid are worn or there is a current drop issue from the battery to the starter. On occasion the factory starter relay can be heard clicking when the key is turned but nothing is happening at the starter motor.

What we are going to look at today is fitting an auxiliary relay to the starter motor circuit in an attempt to overcome this no-start issue. While I have seen this ‘trick’ solve these types of problems on numerous occasions it is definitely not an answer to all starter problems. For example, if the solenoid contacts are completely worn out or the starter is otherwise past it’s use-by date it is going to do very little but I think it’s worth a go if you have intermittent problems such as what Tom is experiencing.

Basically the use of a relay allows the battery’s full current to reach the solenoid. Check out my dodgy diagrams below for a basic idea of how it works.

starter motor wiring diagram

Basic Starter Diagram Without Relay

starter motor wiring diagram

Basic Starter Diagram With Auxiliary Relay Fitted

NOTE – Some auto parts stores and auto electricians will have a pre-wired relay setup if you don’t want to go through setting one up yourself.

Ok, let’s take a look at what you will need to get this operational.

  • One 4 pin – 30 amp (minimum) Relay
  • 5 insulated Female Blade connectors
  • 1 Male Blade connector
  • 2 ‘Ring’ type connectors (1 large, 1 small)
  • 4 lengths Electrical wire – more on the wire in a moment.

The first thing we need to do is take a look at the relay and identify the four different pins. They should be numbered on the underside of the relay box with 30, 87, 85 and 86. If you’ve fluked it for a five pin relay there will also be 87a, that’s ok, that pin won’t be used.

relay pin numbers,electrical relay pin numbers

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