Falcon Transmission Cooler Installation

As a follow up to the original post we have information on fitting a transmission cooler to ‘E’ series Falcons. A big thankyou to Paul (Tinter) for these photos and write-up. Paul chooses to fit two coolers and bypass the original radiator cooler due to a common problem with the internals of the original cooler … Read moreFalcon Transmission Cooler Installation

Falcon 4 speed Auto Fluid Level Check

If you own a Falcon manufactured after Febuary 1996 chances are you have gone looking for the transmission dipstick and come up blank, and for good reason, they don’t have one! Falcons made after this date have a ‘sealed’ transmission and have no dipstick, only a filler plug on the side of the transmission similar … Read moreFalcon 4 speed Auto Fluid Level Check

Has anyone experienced this problem with their Falcon Transmission?

We had a comment posted today from Zachary regarding his EL Falcon with a transmission that suddenly starting slipping and lost all drive. I am far from a Automatic expert so I thought I would throw the question out to our readers and see if anyone has had the same drama. Zachary wrote; Talking about … Read moreHas anyone experienced this problem with their Falcon Transmission?

Falcon Transmission woes

I thought it about time we updated this post with some actual useful information! A big thanks goes out to a number of people that have been good enough to share their knowledge with everyone. These include Sandy, Tinntter (Paul), Ralph, nrivers2, Tony, John S, transmission builder, Jay, Mark and Kim – thanks! In this … Read moreFalcon Transmission woes