BA Falcon Drivebelt Replacement

Today we are taking a look at what is involved in replacing the serpentine belt on a 4.0 BA Falcon.

These first two steps are not compulsory, I do these to get better access to the belt and tensioner however you can replace the belt without doing them. I start by removing the two phillips-head screws that attach the air intake to the radiator support panel and removing the air intake.


Then remove the top two 10mm bolts that hold the electric fans in place, seperate the electrical connection to the fans which is located on the drivers side not far from the fan housing.

A gentle pull on the top of the fan housing and a little bit of manouvering and the fan housing will come out. Note the fitment of the coolant resevior hose between the fan housing and the top of the radiator.


Using a 3/8 drive ratchet fiited into the slot in the tensioner, push down on the tensioner and remove the belt from the waterpump pulley. Release the tensioner and completely remove the old belt. Note that the belt is fitted behind the tensioner pulley.


Fit the new belt following the above diagram, remembering to fit the belt from the back of the tensioner pulley. I start with the crankshaft pulley and work my way around in a anti-clockwise direction with the belt and leave the belt off the waterpump pulley until the tensioner is moved down.

Once you have the belt in position push down on the ratchet again, slide the belt over the waterpump pulley and release the tensioner and remove the ratchet. Be sure to double-check that the belt is running correctly on each pulley.

Once satisfied that all is good slide the fan housing into place, refit the two 10mm bolts in the top and don’t forget to fit the coollant resevior hose back into place before doing the bolts up. Refit the air intake and screws. Start the engine and check that the belt is running correctly and you are all done.

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  1. Hi Craig
    This worked for my 04 Territory. I took your advice and removed the air intake and thermo fans. It made plenty of room and gave me a chance to clean up the area after a leaky front seal replacement left oil everywhere. Thanks for making the job easy and saving me some time.

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